ATA Highlights

ATA welcomes Taryn Lewis and Miss Kite

Taryn Lewis made a guest appearance to share her book, "Miss Kite Can't Do Right" with our Ambassadors. We loved every second of our time with her, especially the Q&A session where Taryn shared her inspiration, the process she went through, and her future plans for a possible series with Miss Kite.

Mack Kuhr

Our Ambassadors got a live virtual Meet and Greet with Mack Kuhr! The students had some amazing questions prepared for Mr. Kuhr! Thank you for carving time out of your busy schedule for ATA!

Costume Day at ATA was a success!

Spirit FridayS

Our students choose their Spirit Days at ATA. We "Mustache You A Question".

80's day

The students LOVED 80's Day!

ATA Picnic

All Thingz Academy is a year-round private school. We have 3 week Brain Breaks after each quarter. We meet via Google Meet and coordinate Family Meet-Ups during the breaks.

ATA Drive-In Movie

As part of our first PBL project, the students were challenged to get the heartbeat of our school out into the community. A group of students organized ATA's first Drive-In Movie night from our very own band performance at the beginning by "Easton & The Ambassadors", our parking team, to the concessions that were sold throughout the movie. What a great turnout we had! We look forward to more movie nights in the future!

National Holiday Calenday Days

We are always having fun at ATA! We celebrate National Holidays here and our Ambassadors LOVED celebrating International Artist Day! They left with masterpieces and full hearts! National Holidays that involve food are also a huge hit too!

WAY TO GO ATA! 1st Place in the Spotsy Christmas Parade!

Our Llama made his first appearnace at the parade.

Our band was AWESOME!

Our cheerleaders did AMAZING!

Check out our 1st place trophy!