Our new home

We are excited to announce...

That All Thingz Academy will be moving to 415 Chatham Square Office Park for the 2024-2025 school year!  

All Thingz Academy has experienced supernatural growth since its inception in July of 2022 and cannot wait to broaden its reach into Stafford County for the start of the 2024-2025 school year servicing students in grades PreK-12!

All Thingz Academy is in the business of "UNLABELING" and creating a safe, loving environment identifying the unique gifts within each child, cultivating those gifts by offering innovative, engaging opportunities, and celebrating each child for the beautiful gift he or she is! Their Project-Based Learning Approach to a rigorous curriculum allows children to acquire real-life skills and sets them up for success!

Lives are being completely transformed at All Thingz Academy!  Hope is being restored in the education system because everything they do is centered around the CHILD!  If it doesn't make sense for the betterment of children, it isn't happening at All Thingz Academy!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you feel so inclined, please make a donation to our "New Building Fund". All Thingz Academy is raising funds to purchase and move to 415 Chatham Square Office Park.